Sept. 22, 2020

Is Your Kuwait Digital Marketing Scoring? Here’s A Social Media Update To Help You Out

by Sajjad Naveed

“53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a video on social media”, RedHill Education’s digital marketing faculty, Australia.

Is that strategized into your digital advertising campaign game plan?

In addition to that striking piece of info, you should know that it means that Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are not considered very exciting anymore. They are, however, still part of the digital media stable but the new recruit causing all the noise in the locker room is the video-sharing platform called TikTok.

We can all agree that social media is a wild child that never ceases to surprise. So what is this tikkety tokkety thing? TikTok is an app in which users post 15-second lip-synced music, talent or comedy videos and is exclusively for mobile use. The app offers filters, music, special effects and other tools to create fun audio/video (AV) if it is not part of your game plan then you are most likely on the verge of scoring own digital marketing goals.

TikTok has boomed in the social media world, showing the market demand for AV content, the younger demographic and the linking of east-west hemispheres. Is TikTok downloaded on your phone? No? That’s forgivable. Is it a part of your next marketing strategy zoom meeting? No? That’s unforgivable! Get it off the bench. You need this app as part of your main game plan.

Why You Need TikTok Added To Your Digital Marketing Plan

The app is available in 154 countries. Redhill reports: “in 2018 during the first quarter, TikTok boasted of being the most downloaded non-game app from the Apple store globally. According to TikTok, 80% of downloads are now on Android. And 28.56% use the app daily.” 

The reports: “TikTok boasts around 524 million active users worldwide, while in China—where it is known as Duoyin—it has over 250 million daily users and counting... it seems that TikTok’s bizarre nature is one of the very things that propels its ongoing success.”

You need to be reaching at least a portion of those ¾ billion users with an average of 17 billion views a month.

Other success factors are the convenient mobile-native nature of TikTok, its creative ability and its easily consumed bite-sized content.

Influencer marketing is not widespread on TikTok yet, but it’s there, and it is growing. Real Estate agents in South Africa are finding successful sales leads coming through TikTok and South Africa is a conservative, late adopting market.

With the continuing maturation of Gen Z, it is essential to be positioned as an early adopter of influencer marketing on TikTok. Otherwise, you will forever be playing catch-up trying to expand your reach to connect with a broader audience in a way that is relevant, meaningful, and value driven.

Big brands like Calvin Klein, Sony and FIFA are already in the TikTok league. Guess Jeans partnered directly with TikTok and benefited from a viral campaign #InMyDenim. With just two influencers alone their reach increased by 3.3 million and the campaign has had nearly 39 million views.

If you want a slice of the ¾ billion user contact and a piece of the 39 million views, contact us today and let us turn your defence strategy into an attack strategy.