Dec. 17, 2020

Are Companies Becoming Complacent About The Brand Experience?

by Pencilvent

It seems there was an original flurry to get digitally prepared and then business, COVID and life happened. The focus seems to have, unfortunately, started drifting dangerously toward short term sales and ignoring brand experience management and the interlinked social media marketing management.

With long views kicked to the curb, how do businesses expect to reach economic sustainability in the long term? Apple is a brilliant example of brand innovation, but they have been strongly criticized for brand experience. 
If you have the innovation of Apple or SpaceX, then maybe you can ignore brand experience and forget what the client wants, but most brands don’t operate in that stratosphere. 

There is no shame in listening to what the customer wants with regards to experience. Your brand is the personality of your fabulous product. Brand experience is how the customer experiences CONTACT with your online presence, your staff, your partners (e.g. the delivery company) and your after-sales service. They weigh up whether the experience matches the personality. If it doesn’t, it makes them uncomfortable.

Can You Manage Brand Experience And Ignore Social Media?

How do you know if your customer has had a bad brand experience? Do you expect them to take up more of their time to make analog contact with you? Or do you feel if they don’t make an effort, then their complaint is not worth the effort from you either?
If you believe the latter, then there is not much anyone can do to help the future sustainability of your company. If you do care then, social media is an easy, fast, effective way to intervene and engage with a disgruntled client. 

It allows you to win them back and to stop online damage to your brand. YOU might not be on social media, but they are, and they will use it.

It is not all about using social media as a force against negativity. Social media marketing is also about amplifying the good for a soft sell. Do you spot a happy customer? Great, engage succinctly with gratitude, and you deepen their loyalty and build a potential brand ambassador. Others that are watching will think “I want to be treated like that too”.

Feel-Good Marketing

This is what social media marketing IS NOT. Social media marketing and brand experiences are measurable and are highly sophisticated service tools for you to use to build your business sustainability. 
Build an advanced social media marketing and brand experience strategy and invest in the successful implementation of it. This year has been tough, but your customers are as rattled as you are. They are as fatigued, but they are open to being cared about and being listened to.

The relevance and value of brand experience have been accelerated and is a vital part of social media marketing. 

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