April 27, 2021

Social Media Management 101

by Pencilvent

Digital marketing is a puzzle, and much like any puzzle, there are many pieces that fit to make the perfect picture. Together, these pieces aim to generate interest, nurture leads, and close qualified deals.


One of the areas that many companies and brands require help with in the digital industry is social media. Social media management is at the core of using digital marketing tactics and how they come together while making the most of your marketing budget. So, what is social media management?


It is one thing to be familiar with social media and the different platforms out there, but it's a whole different ball-game having a grasp on how these channels work, especially if you want to grow your business. Once business owners know, can identify and understand social media management and what it means for the business, you will be able to effectively use these platforms to reach and engage audiences while influencing conversion and scale your business.


This post will answer what social media management is and how to choose the best platform for your business.


What Is Social Media Management?


In the simplest terms, social media management is the creation, publishing, promotion, and management of content across various social networks.

However, it isn't just about putting content together and posting updates on a company's social media pages. It goes beyond that; it involves engaging with audiences, learning their pain points, finding opportunities to work with audiences, and ultimately increasing reach and visibility to tick off conversion rates.


Here is one thing that is included in managing social media:


Choosing The Right Social Media Management Platforms


There's a social media management game plan that every brand needs to have, and if you're a start-up business, it's important that you're able to choose the correct platform to maximise your efforts. Let's look at the top social media platforms and their benefits.




Facebook remains one of the most popular platforms with billions of monthly active users from all walks of life. With this large pool of users, the profile consists of individuals that businesses can target and reach. It is particularly important for start-up companies because the management of the site is fairly easy and straightforward.



For businesses that primarily offer visual content, Instagram is the place to be! Audiences on this platform are generally a younger crowd; however, this trend is shifting. Through social media management, an agency can help you craft visually appealing content tailored across fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle and more in a well-curated manner.



A highly opinionated platform, Twitter, is one of the best places for engagement. From current affairs to thought-leading content, the audience here is fast-paced. Through the use of #hashtags, social media management can help target conversations, monitor engagement and report through several metrics to help you alter your content and engagement times.


There are more B2B platforms such as LinkedIn and Google+, and other more visually appealing and engaging platforms such as YouTube and Pinterest that enable content sharing and great for DIY tips should your business wish to tap into that space.


Without social media management, it would be nearly impossible to get the most out of your marketing efforts. At Pencilvent, we can help you with that. Our digital marketing agency can help you increase and leverage your social media efforts. Get in touch with our social media management team today.