Mobile Marketing in Kuwait

Aug. 6, 2020

Why Little Digital Devices Are Huge Marketing Devices

by Sajjad Naveed

A report by (report code: TC 2942) states that the global mobile marketing market size is expected to grow at 18.9% annually from USD 10.5 billion in 2019 to USD 25.0 billion by 2024. So the market size for mobile marketing in Kuwait is going to increase potentially by nearly 20%. Are you trying to get a piece of that new pie or are you too busy wondering who moved your cheesecake? 


This very thorough report shows major factors driving the mobile marketing industry include the increasing mobile devices, high penetration of mobile users, growth of social media and advertising, and increased use of mobile web and mobile applications (Apps). Phones, Pads, and Notebooks are the biggest devices the new generation will carry around. Even currently, no-one is going to put down their laptop, flip it open, start it up, open Google/Safari, and then search for something or shop for something. It is going to be: whip out their phone, tap an App, and do their search or shopping. And your brand needs to be there, on that screen, as they maneuver around the internet. Or your brand is invisible.

Image Courtesy: MarketsandMarkets Research


The “How To” Get Mobile Marketing In Kuwait.


The primary step is to analyze, engineer and set up the integration of various marketing applications, enhance your marketing project execution, and streamline marketing operations. These are becoming more and more complex with the plethora of platforms, channels, instant feedback, and tracking, etc. that need to feed into your big data. The correct analysis and strategy derived from this will set you apart from your competitors. 


The “How Much” To Do Mobile Marketing In Kuwait


The MarketAndMarket report tells us that so many businesses already have mobile sites and mobile applications that it makes mobile marketing one of the most effective and economical marketing channels for you. Enterprises are shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing and a majority of their marketing expenditure now goes into digital marketing channels but achieves far greater touchpoints. And these are quantifiable.


Marketing through SMS is one of the most cost-effective channels and location-based marketing reaches a targeted audience at the right time and place. Every marketeers dream.


What Are The Challenges?


Marketing is no longer about having a department draw up pretty images with clever copywriting and plastering it over printed media, websites, and Facebook. It is I.T. heavy and big data-heavy if you want to get it right. You will need to use a professional to set things up and to guide you. 

If your volume is big enough, you may need the professional to run it from A – Z. 


From the client’s perspective, the challenge is security and privacy concerns. Whilst adhering to all regional online specific legislation (which changes quickly and regularly) you also need to adhere to basic politeness or your brand will be seen to be trolling your clients which is an unfavorable image.


Players in the market that are showing good growth rates have achieved this through partnerships, collaborations, and agreements. 

Then the good legacy strategies of new product launches and product enhancements work well, amplified off the bigger launch base, and landing more accurately. The client’s in the meanwhile are blind to your brand.


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