July 9, 2020

SEO Expectation Vs Reality | SEO Is Important For Small Businesses

by Sajjad Naveed

SEO is an array of different methods and practices aimed at optimising small and large business’ websites and brings their site to the top of desired search results. When making use of professional SEO services, you may have certain expectations that are not quite realistic.

At Pencilvent, we consider ourselves as SEO experts and have managed to boost many small and large business brands’ rankings through our optimisation services. Through our experiences, in Kuwait, KSA and Qatar, we have discovered many of the expectations and realities of our clients’ results and perceptions regarding SEO.


Expectation VS Reality 1: Fast Results


Be wary of any company that promises fast results. SEO is actually quite a slow process and sustainable results can take months to achieve. Patience is truly a key factor in your SEO journey and you should not be discouraged if you don’t get the results you want straight away. Organic rankings which impact brands’ online visibility take time in reality.


Expectation VS Reality 2: Guaranteed Results 


Many digital marketing agencies will lead you to believe that SEO practices can give you guaranteed results, but this is definitely a fallacy and you should be sceptical of any SEO agency that offers you guarantees. Due to the intense competition of other brands optimising their sites for your chosen keywords, and the ever-changing Google algorithms, it is impossible to guarantee #1 spots in search results. In reality, SEO for small business and does in fact impact brands’ online visibility significantly, but to know if you’re going to obtain great results and not false expectations, avoid going with an agency which promises 100% guarantees.  


Expectation VS Reality 3: Traffic And Conversions


As the goal of SEO services are to bring your site to the top of search results, you may rightly expect to see more traffic and conversions on your Google Analytics at the end of the month. The reality is that with the right SEO practices, aimed at the right target audience, you will see more traffic and conversions, and ultimately more customers! However, don’t expect to achieve high expectations if in reality, the agency you choose goes with the wrong SEO practises aimed at the wrong target audience. 


Expectation VS Reality 4: SEO Is Easy And I Can Do It Myself


SEO is an art, and requires the right combination of intricate practices to yield the right results. While you could do your own SEO, you could run the risk of making SEO mistakes and have your site penalised by Google. It is far better to allow SEO experts, who have had years of training and experience to handle your SEO needs for your website. So, if you expect SEO to be easy, in reality you will find that it’s not. SEO, done by professionals like us, will impact your brands’ online visibility and bring forth organic rankings for your small business. 


SEO Is Important For Small Businesses


At Pencilvent, professional digital marketers in Kuwait, we are able to help local businesses, small or large, to boost their organic rankings and help them connect with more of their ideal customers through the latest, tried-and tested SEO tactics and tools. If you’re a small business in Kuwait, KSA and Qatar, be sure to contact us today to start increasing your online presence!