July 2, 2020

The Future Of Digital Marketing And The Impact Of COVID-19

by Sajjad Naveed

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and has forced many industries to adapt in order to survive. One such industry is digital marketing; an industry which has had to become exceptionally flexible in order to meet this new digital world as well as their clients’ new found needs. But what impact has COVID-19 truly had on digital marketing? And what does the future hold? How will digital marketing agencies have to adapt to post Covid-19 situations and how will they make suitable changes in strategy, organisation and communication to accommodate these situations. 


An Increase In The Need For Digital Marketing


With many other industries being shut down completely during certain lockdown regulations, digital marketing is an industry which has thrived. This is because there has been a massive increase in businesses’ presence on social media and the online sphere in general in an attempt to keep their audiences engaged, buying their products online and keeping them informed about new operating hours etc.

While some digital marketing agencies may lose a few clients, who truly cannot afford the services anymore, many agencies will find themselves with many new clients who want to ensure that their brand has a competitive edge in the online realm. Looking towards the future, it is likely that the increased trend in digital marketing is likely to stay, as this is what consumers have gotten used to.


A Change In Needs Which Needs To Be Considered


In the past few months, the pandemic has completely changed how we live our lives and has thus changed the needs and wants of consumers and target markets for various industries. Digital marketers will need to be very sensitive towards the current global and local situations when coming up with marketing strategies. It will take a while before life returns completely back to normal, so digital marketers will need to keep on their toes to ensure that their strategies are relevant.


An Increase In Digital Events


Digital marketing companies may be expected to be overnight experts on digital events. This is because, in most countries, it will still be a long time before large events can be held. Digital marketers may need to brush up their knowledge on hosting and marketing digital events so that they can help their clients with remaining interesting and appealing during these tumultuous times. 


An Increase In Personalisation


The Covid-19 situation will have to change agencies’ strategies with agencies making them more personalised. We’ll be seeing more personalised, smaller and targeted experiences which are targeted to very specific people. Mostly known as content hubs, clients will be seeing a number of related content alongside featured content which has all been curated on-demand and which features more call-to-actions to allow their online users to self-select where they want to go online and what they want to do. 

In short, expect lots of curated, relevant content which focuses on a particular industry, account or use case. Expect multiple CTAs and trackable interactions. Expect personalised copy which encourages engagement, whether it be landing pages, webinars or other.


How Pencilvent Can Help Your Brand In This Situation


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